Dynatron "Nomad" model TP10

serial number 1338

Dynatron "Nomad" model TP10 Six transistor portable radio housed in cloth covered plywood case, Long/medium wavebands (1100-1800 metres and 200-550 metres). The set is designed to use two 6 volt PP1 batteries wired in series with no centre tap. As these are not readily available I have made up a 12 Volt battery pack using eight AA cells and the set works reasonably well.This is the first of Dynatron's range of transistor radios and was released in August 1958 to be replaced by the TP11 in August 1959. Maidenhead, Berks, UK

This is one of six radios which used to belong to the late Mr R M Nightingale given to me by his daughter. Roy Nightingale worked at Cambridge Instruments for many years

The radio has two ferrite rod aerials (one for long wave and the larger diameter one for medium wave. The brass handle fixings are drilled with holes to enable aerial and earth connections to be made. The left one in this view is connected via a capacitor to the aerial circuit. There are two printed circuit boards, one for RF and IF components and the other for the AF driver and push pull output stage.

I had a problem with the double pole on/off switch which forms part of the volume control. One pole failed to work properly and this was traced to a broken plastic lever within the switch. As only one pole is necessary I took the thing apart and removed the offending broken part. I found that the colours Red and black correspond to + and - on the battery but the colours are reversed on the circuit side of the switch i.e a black wire from the switch connects to earth on the radio! Remember the transistors are PNP.