Bush TR82C Transistor Radio

Serial Number 34661546

Bush TR82C Transistor Radio LW/MW Wavebands (158 to 280 kHz and 525 to 1605 kHz) with push button waveband selection, off/on/tone control and volume control.Powered by a single 9v PP9 battery.Seven transistors (AF117, AF117, AF117, OC71, OC81D, OC81, OC81) with push-pull output driving a 5 inch Celestion loudspeaker. Like many transistor radios of this era it has a socket for a car aerial in the back panel. UK 1963

This is one of a number of radios which belonged to the late Ron Griffiths which were given to me by his widow in 2013. Ron was was an engineer, working for himself and making parts for other firms. He made some items for the Pastorelli firm - brass cases for surveying equipment that is used in tropical climates - and also brass parts for Cambridge Instruments.

The white circular disc on the aluminium chassis has the chassis number A346.

Martin J. Pratt who is a Director of R&M Rentals Ltd recently contacted me to say that his granddad Robert J Sprules who worked for Bush before and after WW2 designed the circuit for this model. Sadly he passed away in 2013 but was still repairing the odd TR82, he was 92. Martin has a number of working examples of the TR82.

How much is it worth? Expect to pay �10-�15.

You can find a link to a very informative article on these radios here: http://www.vintage-radio.net/ Have a look as well at the page describing my other TR82 bushtr82b.html and bushtr82c_2.html