Bang and Olufsen Beogram 1000

Type 5229 serie 01 s/n 20530



Beogram 1000 This is a design icon of the late 1960's and is well described here:

I was given this back in 2006 after being in storage for several years. It was originally purchased by my brother in law in about 1971 when it would have cost 46.00. The pictures on the above site suggest that this turntable would be a model 1001 though as can be seen from the markings on the bottom cover this is a Beogram 1000.

View of underside Note the plastic wheel which has a cam on its underside which in turn can move the motor rotor up and down.The motor has an additional winding which acts as a transformer providing a 14 Volt supply to power a small four transistor stereo amplifier which can be plugged in to the socket instead of the short circuit plate seen here.

The first job was to free the motor and the speed adjustment mechanism which in its years of idleness had seized because the grease had hardened. I evolved the following method to get the mechanism apart and back into working order which I trust might help one or two readers of this page.

1. Secure the pickup arm in the home position by tying it to the support post.
2.pull off the speed selector knob.
3.Replace plastic cover and invert the turntable to expose the base and remove the hardboard cover.
4.Undo the three sets of nuts, washers etc.and withdraw the motor (let the belt spring back to the turntable platter)
5.Remove the plastic wheel assembly and lubricate the motor bearings (moving the rotor up and down several time will facilitate this)
6. clean the drive pulley of rubber residue from the drive belt.
7.Remove the drive wire for the fine speed adjuster and pull back the spring which keeps this shaft in position.
8.The shaft should be free but may need some gentle application of force and lubricant to get it to turn freely.
9.Reassemble in reverse order.
10.Remove the cable clamps, turn the machine over and remove the four screws and cup washers to free the turntable from the wood casing.
11.You will now have access to the drive pulley and the belt which hopefully is encircling the platter and fiddling with a bent piece of wire should enable it to pass round both.

Mike Asimov sent me this email comment which details the problems he had.
"Just want to thank you for your notes on repairing the Beogram 1000 I found them extremely useful as I had one off Ebay as a non-worker and following your steps helped me fix it. In fact it had the same problem. The hardest bit is replacing the belt. I found I had to remove the nut securing the motor in the corner (where the switch is) in order to get the belt round the pulley again as there is not quite enough clearance. Also it was necessary to have the deck upright and leaning toward me with the platter down so the belt would not slip off while replacing it. Thanks again for your helpful site. More vintage audio please...." Mike

The turntable and pickup are now working well and I now have it connected to a Beomaster 1200 together with a Sanyo CD player.

Since getting the turntable to work I have found a source for the service manual:

How much is it worth? Expect to pay 20-50.