Bakelite moving coil loudspeakers

The two loudspeakers on this page were given to me by Graham Adcock a licenced radio amateur since 1976 (G4EUK).  Graham is a retired electronic engineer having spent time with the MOD, Chubb Electronics, AP Besson and Edwards Vacuum. He says he collected loads of stuff and it was time to dispose of that he will never use! The speakers were both in use at his parents’ house in the 1960s, extending the output from a 'radiogram’ in another room into, particularly, the kitchen.

Both were very grubby and needed agood clean and polish


This one was very rusty inside, the cone was stuck solid and the knob proved impossible to remove without damage but after taking the speaker apart removing the rust, repainting the frame and replacing the knob it now works well. Made in 1948 by RM Electric who were based in the Team Valley, Gateshead


Loudspeaker as received date stamped 9/48


Nothing wrong with this one that a clean could put right, it has a Goodmans speaker