Wien model TT-85 transistor radio

Serial number 571292

Wien model TT-85 Table top mains operated transistor radio housed in cream coloured plastic case. Medium wave 160-540 kHz and VHF 88-108MHz bands. 250Volts AC,10 Watts. The casing has discoloured over the years and would have been an ivory colour originally. Although Wien is a West German radio manufacturer and manufactured transistor radios between 1966 and 1971 this model was manufactured in Japan. The code on the transformer housing indicates it may have been made in mid 1970 but the dates on the electrolytic capacitors are dated 1966 and 1967.

The mains power lead is equipped with a two pin moulded female plug which is secured to the rear casing and mates with the two pins at the bottom of the chassis. Unfortunately continual flexure of the lead had exposed the conductors, so this feature had to be abandoned, the lead is now directly soldered to the internal wiring. One feature of this radio worth noting is that the AC mains supply to the transformer is switched. In many mains operated transistor radios this is not the case and the transformer and rectifier can remain energised even when the set is switched off.