Prinztronic Director MC1000 dictation machine/calculator

s/n vf-002387

Prinztronic Director MC1000 s/n vf-002387 combined handheld dictation machine with LCD display calculator. These were sold by Dixons (a UK High Street store). Aluminium and black plastic casing. Black plastic carrying case. 2x AAA and 2x silver oxide type 357 batteries. Calculator display not working Japan 1978

To open up the case remove two screws on the side of the casing and two from the tape compartment, the rear can then be gently prised away from the top. The battery connections for the button cells which operate the calculator were corroded and despite cleaning and soldering a new copper pad to the printed circuit to provide a better connection the calculator refused to indicate anything although it does draw a current when switched on. I guess that the connections to the LCD display have failed but I have not investigated further.