Everett Edgcumbe "Metrohm" Insulation and continuity tester

Serial No. 988853



Metrohm s/n 988853 500 V Insulation and continuity tester 0.6 Mohm and 3 ohm midscale, uses a PP7 9V battery complete with leads, cover and instruction manual. working, original knob missing and replaced with a shaped piece of plastic. Everett Edgcumbe & Co Ltd. Colindale Works,Hendon, London NW9 UK 1959/60 This belonged to my father and I have had it since the early 1980's. As the PP7 batteries are difficult to find it has be modified to use an external battery (it consumes about 150 mA when the button is pressed) or a six AA cell battery box from Maplin. Click here to see details of an earlier version Hum Metrohmmeter


Block diagram from instruction booklet and six cell battery box


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